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Welcome to Cyber Solutions Computer Repair!

We proudly serve Greater Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding area. We offer Custom Built Computers, virus, spyware, and malware removal. Repair and upgrades to home computers and laptops. 

We specialize in virus and malware removal as well as computer repair.

Viruses and malware are the leading cause of system instability and breached security on computers. These problems should be addressed immediately to prevent severe damage to the operating system and the data that resides on your computer. If you suspect these culprits call immediately for service to prevent irreversible corruption of precious files that could be lost forever!

It is our goal to be Lexington’s one stop shop for all things related to computers and your Internet experience.

Cyber Solutions is a home based business in Lexington Kentucky, which allows us to keep overhead low, and pass the savings on to you. 85% of computer repairs are done with a maximum labor cost of $65.00! We use Professional level diagnostics to get to the root of the problems quickly.  

We have built our business over the last ten years by retaining our clients. Our clients satisfaction is our primary objective when doing business. We take a personable approach when dealing with people, and never lose sight of how important each client is to our success!

Lexington Kentucky is our home and we support our local business owners.


A+ certification is the industry standard accepted by the Computer technology Industry Association. This certification was created to allow clients in need of computer service to rest assured that they are dealing with a trained professional in this industry and not a “shade tree mechanic.” To be A+ certified, a technician must complete and pass two Industry standard tests. One test is for Hardware resolution and the other is on Operating system troubleshooting and diagnostics. We are A+ certified, Licensed, and Insured!

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